Sunflowers Mystery Quilt Starts 20th January…..

My latest Mystery Quilt BOM (block of the month) starts on 20th January 2021!!

This mystery is all about happy, cheerful, warmth and creativity…..I hope!! That’s certainly how I see it anyway.

Sunflowers are my happiest flower (freesias my best smelliest!). Yellow is my favorite colour, it personifies ‘happy’ for me, (a warm yellow mind, I’m not into acid yellows, they jar the nerves a bit) so I thought it might be good to start this new year with a bit of happy, the last year having proven to be, not quite, what was advertised on the label.

To read about the mystery and find out how to join in, please follow the link….…/…

Payment is split into 2 parts, or if you’d like to pay monthly please contact me directly. These payments include the postage of your monthly patterns. First post out is on or about 20th Jan and monthly thereafter.

Sign up in my UKQU shop:

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did.

Abbie xxx

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