Doing what makes us Happy!!!

Workshop days coming up in the Therapy Cupboard (Wadebridge)

Hand Stitching Workshop!!!
25th July, £50 (includes cream tea!)
Hand day- Specifically Celtic Appliqué & bias binding making but, piecing, embroidery, shadow appliqué and more!

Machine Patchwork Workshop!
26th July, £50 (includes cream tea)
Machine Day- Specifically Reverse Appliqué my way! (Pile & Plunder!) or twisted pin, sampler blocks or any other machine technique you’ve got on your eye on.

Thursday 17th Oct, 10-4, £50
Design & print your own xmas tree panel, begin your quilting & embellishing of your tree too….

Sat & Sun 17th & 18th August 2 day workshop (£100)
The Large Seahorse & Koi in reverse appliqué!! A full-on 2 days taking the pile & plunder technique to another level!!

Friday 18th Oct, 10-4, £50
Pile & Plunder Reverse Appliqué.
Pick any if my P&P designs to make, it’ll be a fun day learning this fast and fun technique!

If there’s something you’ve been wanting to learn just ask the question, if we can do it in the day we will!!

Therapy Cupboard
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