Hi Folks!

WorkshopI run workshops and regular classes all year round; whether here in Cornwall or travelling all over the UK (and further if I get a chance!) spreading the creative fabric therapy!

I am available to teach at retreats and you will also find me exhibiting & teaching at the big Quilt Shows across the UK.

My workshops can always be tailored to suit you! I’m happy to create ideas for you, or base workshops on your ideas and requests.

Numbers are only limited by ‘Time and Space’, seriously though, so long as there is sufficient work space for each individual and that I can easily access each student to help and advise throughout the workshop day/days. I don’t limit numbers but students must realize the more there are, the less of me each individual gets.



Unfortunately I do have to charge travel expenses due to my location, there’s no other way to do it with all my clobber and sales stuff!

I will always look to keeping expenses down were possible, overnight stays being booked at a Travelodge style location.  If I’m in your area already expenses can be shared.

Please contact me if I can help you with your creative therapy!