‘Poppy-ness!’ Embroidery & Appliqué

Latest pattern now available…..

‘Poppy-ness!’ Embroidery & Appliqué
A new pattern now available!!! (Acrylic templates are ordered and will be available to purchase very soon!)

This panel is approx 16″ x 12″ without borders. Full sized, coloured patterns, instructions with photos and diagrams for the embroidery stitches.

Available from: abbieanne.com

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Lucky Dip…. or, Traditional 9 Patch

Abbie Suggests…..a 2019 challenge for you but also keeping it a mystery!

I was busy reading a thread on the UKQU Facebook Page about BOM’s and Mystery Quits for 2019.  Lots of interesting suggestions and links to all of us Designery-types (including me putting my pennyworth in!).

I’ve had an idea, I think it will work large scale, we’ll find out shall we?!!  Let me put you in the picture first as it would be rude of me not to acknowledge where my idea is based from…..

Biddicks Quilters in St Austell, a group I’m associated with, sets a few challenges throughout the year, I generally take part if I can.  What I intend running here for UKQU members is based on one such challenge, its been changed a bit and added to so it should cover more peoples tastes and abilities…..

‘ABBIE SUGGESTS’….. its another of my ‘Scrap & Stash’ projects….

LUCKY DIP…. or Traditional 9 patch 

If you contact me either here on the UKQU website, via messages or on my Facebook Page via messages (maybe Like my page while you’re there?) AbbieAnne Patchwork Quilting & Textiles, I’ll send you a list of criteria for you to make a patchwork block…… you’ll get…..

*****LUCKY DIP***** – a colour, a number and a patchwork shape, you can also request a size to make if you feel the need, maybe for a wall hanging or cushion etc.   You pick the technique, the level of difficulty, additional colours, hand or machine……

*****or Traditional 9 patch….. I’ll name you a block to make and 2 colours to include.  I have a big book with very many traditional blocks in, I’ll randomly pick one, but I’m sorry, you’ll have to,make your own templates and I won’t be able to supply technique instruction as I won’t have sufficient time.  I’m sure a little research will find you the how to if needed.

Want a bigger challenge??  When you’ve made your block you can come back for another set of criteria, if you’d like to make a quilt, keep coming back……

Here’s my original challenge,  my lucky dip criteria:  Blue, 15, Dresden petals…… remember, I’m a weirdo who does strange stuff just because…… so yes, scraps, there is also embroidery included, shapes stacked up, a bit of log cabin,  hand piecing, applique & quilting…….

(See, in my mind, it’s a log cabin on a tropical island with fishes in a sea with curly waves and the sunshine above a palm tree….. I did say I’m a weirdo!!….and yes, there’s spiced rum in the cabin)

I’ll make designers of you all yet, just wait and see!!….. here’s to a happy 2019, “There are no rights or wrongs, just happy outcomes and lessons learned”…..  I look forward to hearing from you all…..

***** please remember I’m teaching a lot of the time, so I will respond to your requests as quickly as I can, during particularly busy periods I will respond at least once a week.

***** in return I’d love to see photos of your work please

Abbie xxx

ps……Baby Grey the ribbon eating cat, is feeling much better and recovering well from his surgery

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Baby Grey is not amused!!

Just a quick note from me….. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas/Festive time and ae now looking forward to a jolly New Year with all the wonders that will bring.

We’ve had a very strange Christmas, everything has been scaled down to look after Grey after his surgery to remove a rather lot of very purple ribbon!!!  He’s doing well, I’ve lost a weeks working time so I’m all behind, but, I have my Baby Grey to cuddle still….. here he is in his very fetching leopard print leotard…… trying to help Paul unwrap his Birthday presents……. (hmmmm!!…..I reckon he’s looking for ribbon myself )

…..and this is him not being amused!!!…..

Happy New Year everybody!!! x

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Cats and threads and ribbons……. a few words of warning…..

It was raining quite heavily overnight in Cornwall, well to be honest it was chucking it down!  Wind, rain, loads of noise, cold and horrid basically……. I was awake about 4.30, so I truddles off into the front room to do a bit, as you do, gave the cats a few treats on the way…..a bit of stitching,

I’m in the middle of hand quilting a sample for next years workshops around the shows, my bight idea, new templates, beginners hand quilting, make a small drawstring bag using ribbon.  Lovely.  Well, it should have been.

After about an hour I’ve got to the point where I need to threadle the ribbon around the top edge of a hand quilted circular piece of work, I didn’t have the right bodkin or the right safety pin, they being in my Therapy Cupboard, so I’m thinking I’ll do that later and packs my stitching up into a little heap, hides the threads and ribbon within my work as usual.

I then sit wrapped in a fleece and dozed in the chair.  Lovely…….. until I hear this real weird sound in the dark, it brought me out of my doze in a bit of a fuzz, what was it?  Sounded like the most almighty dripping, it raining and such, I immediately think, here we go, the roofs having a moment.  (we live in an old bungalow)

I’m in the habit of having my mobile phone to hand at night, I use the torch facility on it to aid my wanderings  so I don’t wake people up.  I grabbed the phone, turned the light on, pointed it in the direction of the dripping to see one of our cats looking at me, swallowing hard in a regular motion, about 3″ of bright purple 6mm ribbon hanging from his mouth and disappearing fast!!   By the time I’d launched myself at him it was gone, as was the cat, rapidly out of the door into the kitchen, he’d succeeded in waking me and was very pleased to be asking for more breakfast!

Well, our ‘little’ Grey cat is a bit of a toad really, he chews things, rips and spits just about anything, he particularly likes card & paper (he’s disposed of bills before now, useful until you get a copy in a pretty red print sent to you)  Plants and flowers, well, lots of them are poisonous to cats, so there hasn’t been any in our house for at least 7 years now.

Ribbon is a first for him though as I’m absolutely hyper about threads and string and long lengths as if ingested, they can get trapped in the gut, undigested they pass on through and can cause ruptures and death of small furry friends.  My friends cat passed away to a length of polyester thread like a cheese wire, I try only ever to use cotton because of this.

So, what to do, well my first thought is how do you make him ill, off to my animal medical volume, apparently peroxide at 3%…… google, peroxide at 3%.  Well that’s not happening, because I haven’t any and I really wouldn’t trust myself if I did.  (did I mention this ribbon is about 20″ long?!!!)

6.30am I’m on the phone to the vets, 6.50am we’re at the vets.  Poor hubby has been woken from a jolly snooze, ordered about and directed in the plan I’ve hatched for the capture of Grey to be put in a carry basket.  Then made to sit and talk nice noises at Grey as I drove to the vets in the aforementioned wind and rain and noise and idiot drivers.  (me being the idiot driver as I’m on a mission, I’m so glad the roads were really quiet!)

The vet is blurry eyed with a Grey cat growling at her, he’s taken offence to the needle in the back of the neck to make him feel really rather ill.  It didn’t work  (hubby is fussing Grey and crooning nice calming sounds at him…..me?  I’m feeling ill…..).  Another needle of a different variety in his bum this time, now he’s growling, hissing and spitting at the vet…….didn’t work.  I dread to think how poorly Grey must have been feeling by now, but he steadfastly refused to be ill, he was keeping his purple ribbon to himself.

At 7.40am we had to leave Grey at the vets to have an operation to remove the purple ribbon forcibly…. I’m sure the vet didn’t believe me when I’d told her how long it was, but had decided better safe than sorry, apparently it takes 2hours for it to start passing into the small intestine…….


11.30am and I’m just so relieved to be speaking to the vet who’s astounded how long the ribbon was and that yes, it was purple…… and that it would have killed him had they not operated……..

I get to go and pick him up in a couple of hours time, I have to pay the bill beforehand, £900+…..

Warning, I’m going to swear, that’s a bleddy expensive workshop sample!!  (please come to class as you see me around the shows next year, I have to pay off the plastic!)

So, ladies and gents, make sure you put all of  your sewing threads and such away securely, not just out of sight!  It being Christmas with decorations and parcels and elastics and ribbons everywhere, please, please, please put everything away!!  I’m never going to forgive myself and I thought I was hyper about such things, just goes to show……

I’ll be cuddling a cat most of Christmas while he recovers, but at least I can cuddle him!

Merry Christmas and a Happy, safe, New Year to you All

Abbie xxx  (….and I’m still feeling ill)

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A Colourful Outlook on Life

The Mystery Quilt is no longer a Mystery!!!……… and……. breathe!!!

As promised, it has loads of colour & balancing and improving techniques based on an English Country Garden using Makower’s fabric range ‘Linen Texture’.

It’s really rather nerve-racking this Mystery Quilt Stuff!! It’s always so much fun watching others take your design and make it for themselves, but to have a substantial size group of people put their faith in you, right past just a pattern, into a complete mystery is amazing!! I’m so lucky, thank you Peoples!

I’ve had the pleasure of watching everyone’s creations in the making, several are finished with many nearing completion….. I’m thinking it might be nice if some ended up displayed at some quilt shows……. (now I’ve said it I might just have to suggest that in the support group!)

There have been several notable moments along the way……. a few cries for extra fabrics. A few, ‘what do you mean by’, needing further explanations, but I’m so proud of all of you, not one question on how to do Bargello, the instruction sheets & help videos I made must have worked!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We’ve discovered that 2nd class post reaches The Isle of Lewis within 24hrs from Cornwall, amazing, yet it has problems getting to Devon…….

The group has had a few operations and family happenings along the way, happies and not so happies, but you’ve all played wonderfully together! 🙂

‘Colourful Outlook on Life’ will be available from the New Year as a BOM if anyone is interested in having a go now the design is out in full view???

‘Deco Daze’ my next Mystery Quilt BOM should be ready to launch in February….. think Deco, blue, denim & chambray’s…….. then……

”Stash n Scrap Again’ I’m aiming at a June/July start………..

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