Double Snuggle Block 13 – Crazy!!

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Designed and written by Abbie

Finished size 10″ x 15″

*Please read through all of the instructions before you start, whether you are going to make this quilt by hand or machine or a mix, you may pick up hints and tips throughout that can be used……

This block is all about fun and scraps!

Firstly, go get all the scraps from your quilt so far, this block has been published last to utilise any off cuts that you’ve been saving.

I have given 2 possible ways of completing this block……… and a 3rd option! J

There are no wrongs or rights or patterns to follow!!  This is based on a traditional ‘Crazy Patchwork’ block.   Often referred to as ‘stitch and flip’.

I cut a piece of waste fabric a couple of inches bigger all around on which to stitch bits and pieces.  This will not be seen.  If  you’re using calico, make sure you wash it first!!!

Draw a line indicating the size of your block 10” x 15” making sure there is plenty left for seam allowances.  Work within this space and fill it up with loveliness to create your block.

By machine or hand……

Method 1 – Take 2 pieces of your scraps, any shape but with straight edges, place them right sides together on top of your background fabric.  (you can start anywhere, in the middle, the side your choice)

Stitch along the edge of the 2 pieces, right the way through the backing fabric as well. (that’s the ‘stitch done)

Open out the 2 fabrics and press the open.  (that’s the flip done!!)

Add another piece of fabric right sides down on top of your 2 stitched pieces.  Stitch along the edge, then open and press……… if needs be, draw yourself a stitch line.  Stop stitching when you run out of one fabric, as per the photo, this allows you to remove any excess fabric easily.

Trim away any excess bits of fabric protruding from the seams as you go.

Add another bit………. And so on.

If you back yourself into corner, you could stitch a couple of pieces together before adding them to your work.

If you have trouble covering a strange shaped gap, you could applique a piece on.

If in doubt, cover it with a bit of lace or ribbon or put a button on it.  All of these things are allowable if not positively encouraged even!  We love design developments in The Therapy Cupboard!

Traditionally all seams were covered with hand embroidery using a variety of stitches and threads.  You might like to add a few stitches or machine a few raw edges with fancy stitch?

There are no rules.

Abbie’s option 2 – If this block is not for you, make a piece of your favourite patchwork, chop it up and put it back together.  Cut to the size required for the block. Add a few embellishments and fancy stitches, hey-presto……Crazy!!! Xx

Option 3 – Make any other block that suits you and cut it to size. J

Above all else, please enjoy your creativity, 

Abbie xxx

AbbieAnne’s patterns are for your personal use only and are intended to inspire your creativity but may not be directly copied, sold, reproduced or taught for commercial gain. Copyright©2019

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February – What a month that was!!!

We are almost at the end of February and it’s gone in a blink of an eye, but not surprised with what’s been going on this month in Abbieanne Land!

Started the month over in Spain and followed by a visit to Bristol Quilters to give a talk to a bunch of lovely ladies, the turn out was fantastic. (see previous blog).

Managed to finish a snuggle lap-quilt for a lovely friend ready for my trip to Ireland and to host another workshop, ‘Deco Days’ Clocks.

Middle of the month I was at Craft4Crafters for 3 days and met some wonderful ladies, new customers and old ones too! My workshops this time was learning hand quilting which went down very well, hope to see some of the ladies at my classes/workshops in future.

I also hosted a Sit N Stich session at Sew and Fabric were ladies brought their own projects to work on. Some Ladies ‘Getting to know their sewing machines’ .

I ran a Mystery Make workshop in the Therapy cupboard making ‘Deco Days Cushions Panels, this was so popular I have now announced another workshop date Friday 1st May in the Therapy cupboard, contact me if you would like to book.

In between the show, talks and workshops I have run my ususual Beginners and Experiend Hand and Machine Patchwork classes in the Therapy cupboard and in St Austell at Sew and Fabric.

My trip up in Stockton-on-Tees at Panico’s this weekend to run three different workshops has been cancelled due to bad weather. Sorry to dissapoint but will be up again in July.

As you can see I travel around a bit, so if you would like me to come give a talk or run a workshop/retreat then please get in touch.

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Road Trip – Visit to Bristol Quilters

Thank you for having me Bristol Quilters!!! I had a wonderful evening as your speaker…..

I look forward to seeing a few quilt inspirations and maybe to giving out a few Take 3 Challenges?!! See here for the Take 3 Challenge link:

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Fun Days Away in Spain!!

A fun few days away in Spain sorting out possible workshops & retreats with Karen from AztecThreads……. while Paul & Alan played sewing machine engineers 😉😆👍🏻☀️

Watch this space.

In the meantime, I will be travelling around the country attending workshops, talks and retreats. If you would like me to come to your group to run a class to give a talk then contact me, I can cut down on costs if I am in your area.

Happy sewing Abbie x

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Boscastle Retreat with the Sidmouth Ladies

A fab day with the ladies from Sidmouth Fabrics who are on retreat in Boscastle…. thank you for having me.

Here’s a sample of photos from a wonderful day.

If you would like me to come teach at your group meeting/retreat/workshop then please get in touch. I am travelling all over the country and abroad again this year so might be able to fit you in on my travels!!

Hystericals in the Cupboard tonight!! 😁👍🏻 (Helen Edge Julie Saunders Lynne Beabey )

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