Keeping Busy Through Lockdown……

Witter Quilt No 8

We are now on Witter Quilt number 8!  This one is going to be lovely and bright….. Who would have thought when I started this back last March that we would be making our eighth quilt, amazing! 

I hope you are all enjoying the videos and the quiltis.  Wittering videos can be watched here…..

Sunflower – Mystery BOM

Behind the ‘Mystery’ is a field of Sunflowers, I was thinking the more the merrier in truth, you can never have too many Sunflowers! They’re very clever plants you know, they follow the sun and turn to each other to protect.

It’s not too late to join us!! 😆🌻🌻🌻…/sunflowers-mystery-quilt-bom…/

Sunday Specials

Last month I started to offer Sunday Specials on fabrics, these have been very popular. It is always limited stock so on first come, first serve basis. Check out these specials and be sure to pick up a bargain on Sundays.


Zoom Meetings and Presentations

We have been holding our Wednesday evening quilting meetings on Zoom, great keeping up with everyone.

I’ve also been busy with a zoom presentation to Romsey Quilters, 92 members listening with great interest, I hope 😊

Exciting things happening soon, keep an eye on the blog and Facebook page……

Abbie xx

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Sunflowers Mystery Quilt Starts 20th January…..

My latest Mystery Quilt BOM (block of the month) starts on 20th January 2021!!

This mystery is all about happy, cheerful, warmth and creativity…..I hope!! That’s certainly how I see it anyway.

Sunflowers are my happiest flower (freesias my best smelliest!). Yellow is my favorite colour, it personifies ‘happy’ for me, (a warm yellow mind, I’m not into acid yellows, they jar the nerves a bit) so I thought it might be good to start this new year with a bit of happy, the last year having proven to be, not quite, what was advertised on the label.

To read about the mystery and find out how to join in, please follow the link….…/…

Payment is split into 2 parts, or if you’d like to pay monthly please contact me directly. These payments include the postage of your monthly patterns. First post out is on or about 20th Jan and monthly thereafter.

Sign up in my UKQU shop:

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did.

Abbie xxx

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Patchwork Wittering’s of Abbieanne

Hi All,

Been a bit busy here in the ‘Cupboard’, just finished Witter Quilt No 6 (Christmas Appliqué’s), can’t believe I will be starting number 7 soon, all done in 9 months since Lockdown began in March!!

If anyone would like to have a go, all the patterns are free and have been uploaded to the albums page of Patchwork Witterings of Abbieanne. Why not join the group and have a look see 🙂

Go to:

Witter Quilt No: 1
Witter Quilt No: 2
Witter Quilt No: 3
Witter Quilt No: 4
Witter Quilt No: 5
Witter Quilt No: 6

Which is your favourite?

Hope you enjoyed looking at the quilts.

Abbie xx

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Staying busy, busy, busy during Lockdown 2!!

You may know that during the periods of Lockdwon I started to make videos of the goings on in my ‘Therapy Cupboard’. What evolved was the making of quilt blocks to make up quilts, which I called ‘Witter Quilts’. These Witter Quilts are shown on my Youtube channel. We are now on to Witter Quilt 6 which is a Christmas Quilt. If you follow my Youtbe videos you will see the Free Patterns for each block, we are now on Block 13 of Quilt 6!!

Why not go over to my Youtube witterings for more details. You can find my latest block here:

Christmas Wreath Centre Panel
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Block 9
Block 10
Block 11
Block 12
Block 13

Why not pop over to my Facebook page and join the ‘Witterings Group’ where you will see what other people have done with my designs.

Abbie xxx

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Lockdown 2!! – Online shopping available

New rules coming in from Thursday 5th November, I will revert back to how I was trading during the last lockdown……

My online stop is open, postal orders of fabric, patterns & haberdashery (also wood turning) will continue as normal.

New designs & the New Mystery Quilt will continue to be produced…..

I will make local ‘distanced’ deliveries, if you are passing for work, distanced pick-ups by appointment.

Sewing machine servicing will revert to collection/drop off by arrangement.

Picture framing also by collection or distanced appointment only.

If in doubt please call me and ask the question.

Be lovely, stay safe! 🌼Abbie 07940133116

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