Double Snuggle – Sashings & Construction

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Designed by Abbie Searle – Finished size 67″ x 52″

I’m going to give you sizes and the order in which to join your sashings/border and blocks together.   Once you’ve done this you should have your completed quit top, obviously if you want to make any adjustments or addition that’s totally up to you, but whatever, I’d love to see photos of all completed projects please!!

I’m not going to give details of how to layer, quilt and bind, I’m going to assume you have the knowledge to do that for yourself.  Having said that, please do message me if you need advice.

If any of your blocks are the wrong size when you get to putting them together, do not worry!!!  Add a strip on, take a strip off, it’s what I’ve done with the original, it’s all good and becomes part of it!

Sashing measurements:   (including seam allowances) 

*** If you need to make joins in the length, don’t be worrying where they are, this is patchwork after all!

Numbers 1 – 4 = 2.5” x 15.5”

5 = 2.5” x 9.5”

6 = 2.5” x 20.5”

7 = 2.5” x 16.5”

8 = 2.5” x 32.5”

9 = 2.5” x 27.5”

10 = 2.5” x 14.5”

11 = 2.5” x 27.5”

12 = 2.5” x 59.5”

13 = 4.5” x 59.5”    (13 – 16 act as a border as well as sashings)

14 = 4.5” x 59.5”

15 = 4.5” x 52.5”

16 = 4.5” x 52.5”

Join the block Curves > sashing strip 1 > Stripes > sashing 2 > Lamp post > sashing 3 > Crazy > sashing 4 > Boat  = this will give you the top row ready  =  piece A

Join 9 Patch > sashing 5 > Log Cabin  = piece B

Join Flying Dodo’s > sashing 6 > Beach Huts  = piece C

Join sashing 7 to the right of piece C, then add Conch Shell to the right = piece D

Join sashing 8 above piece D, then join piece B above

Join sashing 9 to the right of (B/C/D)

Join Disappearing 9 patch to the right of (B/C/D) > sashing 11

Join sashing 10 to the bottom of Frames > Double Star below, join this to the right of sashing 11. 

This should give you another large piece of work.

Join the 2 piece of quilt top together with sashing 12 in-between.

Join sashings 13 & 14 to the top and bottom of your quilt top.

Join sashings 15 & 16 to the sides

Hopefully you’ve now got a complete quilt top ready to finish in whatever method you fancy!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this BOM make, I also hope you’ve all learned a few bits along the way.

Please please send me photos of your work!

Shout me if you need any further advice.

Abbie xxx

ps! Garden Blooms Mystery BOM has recently started, its not too late to join us!

pps!!! watch out for my next Mystery Quilt – ‘Itsy Bitsy’ I’ze busy making it ready for July launch.

AbbieAnne’s patterns are for your personal use only and are intended to inspire your creativity but may not be directly copied, sold, reproduced or taught for commercial gain. Copyright©2019

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