©‘Double Snuggle’ – Block 12 Flying Geese

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(I call them ‘Flying Dodo’s’, mainly because I have a habit of getting the points knocked off!……you’ll see!)

Finished size = 5” x 20”

points knocked off and patched to size!!

*Please read through all of the instructions before you start whether you are going to make this quilt by hand or machine or a mix, you may pick up hints and tips throughout that can be used…

This block could be a slight variation on the traditional ‘Flying Geese’.  I really don’t worry about the points on the triangles, if they work that’s all well and good, if not I add a bit on the end to make the block to size, after all, this is patchwork……. Bits and pieces and patches!! There are several ways of making this block.

By hand, it’s no different to any other piecing, cut your pieces carefully, join them in units,

 2 > 1, then 3 > 1 Repeat this 8 times then join the units into strips.

Beware not to handle your triangles too much, the bias cuts can distort and miss-shape your units. Remember, accuracy is everything!!

(Please make your own templates from the sizes given below, print outs may not be accurate!!) You’ll find full details of how to join either by hand or machine in the first couple of block instructions back in previous blog posts.  You’ll need to look through the archived blog posts.

please make your templates to the sizes given, don’t forget to add your seam allowances!!

By Machine – there are several ways – I am going for the most basic, traditional method, there’s less to go wrong and you tend to get more accurate results……. cut your pieces at the sizes above, with the added seam allowances, join them in the usual manner as for any other piecing.

You could do a clever thing by cutting small & large squares, then join and cut up and join again….. if you ‘Google’ you will find many videos of this.

You could also make this block by foundation piecing, again, there are many videos available.

You should hopefully have enough information to complete your block.   As ever, if you are confused, which is quite possible, please message me within the Help Group on Facebook or email me on abbie@abbieanne.com .

I hope you enjoy this block, I always do, but I do have a more relaxed attitude to this block than most!!

Abbie xxx

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