Double Snuggle – Block 9 (Double Star)

©‘Double Snuggle’ – Block 9 Double Star

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This block would make a lovely wall hanging or cushion for the festive season as well?!!

Designed by Abbie Searle

Finished size = 14” x 15”

*Please read through all of the instructions before you start whether you are going to make this quilt by hand or machine or a mix, you may pick up hints and tips throughout that can be used…

This block is a slight variation on the traditional ‘9 patch’ star block, the technique is exactly the same as any other pieced block.

Firstly, choose your fabrics, cut your pieces and lay them out carefully in front of you before starting to join.  Make sure you like your choices before you join.

You’ll find details of how to join either by hand or machine detailed in the first couple of block instructions back in previous blog posts.

Remember, accuracy is everything!!

Beware you get your triangles the right way around!!  They are not all standard triangles so may take some thinking about, if you’re using templates make sure you reverse them on the back of your fabric before you draw around them!

*I always liken block joining to building blocks.  Always look to sew a straight line, try never to have to sew around a corner.  The order of joining should be the easiest available. With this principle in mind…….

Make up your small squares first by joining the following sets;

Join, 1 > 2 > 3

4 > 5 > 6

7 > 8 > 9

10 > 11 > 12

Now you can join your 9 small squares into your 9 patch star:

13 > (10/11/12) > 14 = top strip

(7/8/9) > 15 > (4/5/6) = middle strip

16 > (1/2/3) > 17= bottom strip

Now join your strips together, make sure you pin from the centre joins and get your points nicely accurate.

Now that you’ve made your small star which is an integral part of the larger star, you are ready to make your big star, join as follows…….

Join 18 > 19 > 20

21 > 22 > 23

24 > 25 > 26

27 > 28 >29

30 > (27/28/29) > small star block = bottom strip

(21/22/23) > 31 > (18/19/20) = middle strip

33 > (24/25/26) > 32 = top strip

Now join your strips together, make sure you pin from the centre joins and get your points nicely accurate.

You should hopefully have enough information to complete your ninth block.  

As ever, if you are confused, which is quite possible, please message me within the Help Group on Facebook or email me on .

I hope you enjoy this block, quite apt for the fast approaching Christmas season,

Abbie xxx

AbbieAnne’s patterns are for your personal use only and are intended to inspire your creativity but may not be directly copied, sold, reproduced or taught for commercial gain. Copyright©2017

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