Double Snuggle Block 7


Designed by Abbie Searle Finished size = 10”x15”

Download this page here:

*Please read through all of the instructions before you start whether you are going to make this quilt by hand or machine or a mix, you may pick up hints and tips throughout that can be used…

This is just a very simple stripy block, designed to show off the ombre fabrics used in the quilt.  If you’re using your own choice of fabrics, use it to show off your selection, take a little time and make sure the fabrics really are placed to their best advantage.   

You’ll need to add your seam allowances to the sizes shown on the diagram, with the overall finish size being 10”x15” (plus seam allowance) If your block comes up bigger, leave it at that until you’re ready to join all of your blocks, it can be trimmed at that time.

Including seam allowances you’ll need to cut:

 5 x 2.5”x10.5” pieces

 5 x 1.5”x10.5” pieces

Join them alternately on the 10.5” side as the photo above shows.

If you’re making your quilt as a scrappy quilt, you may want to wait and make this block as number 12?.

Enjoy, Abbie xxx

AbbieAnne’s patterns are for your personal use only and are intended to inspire your creativity but may not be directly copied, sold, reproduced or taught for commercial gain.


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