Double Snuggle Block 6 – Conch Shell

Please email me for the pattern file (A3)…… I’m still having technical issues…….. I still don’t know what I’m doing!!

You can download this page here.

finished size – 10″ x 16″

Conch Shell

Double Snuggle Block 6

Bondaweb Appliqué finished size – 10” x 16”

This block has been made using the Bondaweb appliqué method, if however, you have another referred method of appliqué, go for it!

Please take a few moments to read through the instructions before you begin.

When using Bondaweb, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions…… please don’t forget to reverse your pattern or you’ll end up with a seagull landing from the wrong direction as I did in the original sample!

Conch Shell – the back ground has been pieced for this block needs to measure 10½” x 16½”  (this includes a seam allowance)

(I’ve used a black fabric for the applique, I’ve adapted (Abbie-fied) a scribbled design of my brothers which was originally of a black conch shell)

Bondaweb Applique:

Trace each outline of the design onto your Bondaweb as instructed by the supplier.  (I used a rule to ensure the lines were straight) Please remember to reverse your pattern as you trace the design onto your Bondaweb (smooth side) or your pattern will face the other way.

Iron your Bondaweb onto the back of your chosen appliqué fabrics, cut carefully on your pencil line.  Remove the paper and place onto your block.  Iron each piece into place, I’ve numbered the pieces in the order that I appliquéd them.

I then machine stitched around all of the applique pieces to hold them in place and protect the raw edges.  I used a zigzag, (length 0.5, width 1.5) but you might like to use a fancy stitch or two?

AbbieAnne’s patterns are for your personal use only and are intended to inspire your creativity but may not be directly copied, sold, reproduced or taught for commercial gain. Copyright©2019 

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