Lucky Dip…. or, Traditional 9 Patch

Abbie Suggests…..a 2019 challenge for you but also keeping it a mystery!

I was busy reading a thread on the UKQU Facebook Page about BOM’s and Mystery Quits for 2019.  Lots of interesting suggestions and links to all of us Designery-types (including me putting my pennyworth in!).

I’ve had an idea, I think it will work large scale, we’ll find out shall we?!!  Let me put you in the picture first as it would be rude of me not to acknowledge where my idea is based from…..

Biddicks Quilters in St Austell, a group I’m associated with, sets a few challenges throughout the year, I generally take part if I can.  What I intend running here for UKQU members is based on one such challenge, its been changed a bit and added to so it should cover more peoples tastes and abilities…..

‘ABBIE SUGGESTS’….. its another of my ‘Scrap & Stash’ projects….

LUCKY DIP…. or Traditional 9 patch 

If you contact me either here on the UKQU website, via messages or on my Facebook Page via messages (maybe Like my page while you’re there?) AbbieAnne Patchwork Quilting & Textiles, I’ll send you a list of criteria for you to make a patchwork block…… you’ll get…..

*****LUCKY DIP***** – a colour, a number and a patchwork shape, you can also request a size to make if you feel the need, maybe for a wall hanging or cushion etc.   You pick the technique, the level of difficulty, additional colours, hand or machine……

*****or Traditional 9 patch….. I’ll name you a block to make and 2 colours to include.  I have a big book with very many traditional blocks in, I’ll randomly pick one, but I’m sorry, you’ll have to,make your own templates and I won’t be able to supply technique instruction as I won’t have sufficient time.  I’m sure a little research will find you the how to if needed.

Want a bigger challenge??  When you’ve made your block you can come back for another set of criteria, if you’d like to make a quilt, keep coming back……

Here’s my original challenge,  my lucky dip criteria:  Blue, 15, Dresden petals…… remember, I’m a weirdo who does strange stuff just because…… so yes, scraps, there is also embroidery included, shapes stacked up, a bit of log cabin,  hand piecing, applique & quilting…….

(See, in my mind, it’s a log cabin on a tropical island with fishes in a sea with curly waves and the sunshine above a palm tree….. I did say I’m a weirdo!!….and yes, there’s spiced rum in the cabin)

I’ll make designers of you all yet, just wait and see!!….. here’s to a happy 2019, “There are no rights or wrongs, just happy outcomes and lessons learned”…..  I look forward to hearing from you all…..

***** please remember I’m teaching a lot of the time, so I will respond to your requests as quickly as I can, during particularly busy periods I will respond at least once a week.

***** in return I’d love to see photos of your work please

Abbie xxx

ps……Baby Grey the ribbon eating cat, is feeling much better and recovering well from his surgery

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