New Quilt Design….. Shades of Life

I have designed a new quilt called ‘Shades of Life’ and decided to make this up in a kit form as well as pattern only.

You can view my new quilt on my latest ‘Patchwork Witterings’ video on Youtube

This kit can be found on my Webiste under Fabrics/ Textile Kits for you to complete.

Shades of Life Quilt Kit with Fabric & Pattern – Full instructions with coloured photos and diagrams to help you get a fab finish to your quilt top.

Kit includes fabric to complete the top of your quilt, you will need to add wadding & backing fabric.

Would suit most capabilities.

Please indicate which feature fabric you would like – Cows / Green Foliage / Scandi Christmas Houses / Dandelions when ordering

£60 – Price includes postage within UK Mainland

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 07940 133116 or email

Many Thanks

Abbie xx

Bloomin 2020…….. New Mystery Quilt UKQU

Here’s wishing Everybody a fabulous quilty 2020, may you all have lots of ‘ CreativeTherapy’……….

This is my latest Mystery BOM offering for you all…….. ‘ Garden Blooms ‘!!  We’ll be starting this one off on or about 20th January.  It’ll run over 6 months, 2 blocks a month (and a most important link & construction month). approx. 54″ x 58″ finished depending on your choice of borders.  You can join in whenever you want along the way…..

I spent many happy hours wandering around our garden and the local garden centre (with their permission I hasten to add) taking photos of colourful flowers.  As you have probably gathered, I love colour, the brighter the better, I see bright colours as happy.  All colours reflect moods in my world, I prefer to be happy and jolly, so I made a conscious decision very many years ago, things about me are colourful…….

anyway, I digress……. Flower Photos, I took hundreds of them!!  I printed out many, I doodled designs from lots and ended up making 10 main fabric blocks with very important added bits!

I’ve used the Makower Spraytime fabric range, this is a range that is readily available, plus one other designed fabric that will be ‘fussy-cut’ and that you must love!   Each block has a pieced background, with Bondaweb Applique on, although you could use another technique for applique.  Gutermann threads have been used throughout, I particularly love the variegated threads, yummy!!!



I’m a bit old fashioned in how I run my Mystery BOM clubs, I like to post out full sized paper patterns each month. I know if I’m taking on a project design I like to be able to get stuck straight in and not have to go trundling down to town to have things re-sized and printed.

There will be a written ‘how-to’ with accompanying photos where needed.  Each block will have a picture of the original photo used as well, that way you’ll hopefully see how I arrived at the design……..

Each block background has been pieced, the flowers represented with applique circles and stuff…… details have been added throughout with simple hand embroidery, although if you’re not up for embroidery, the detail can be added by quilting in a varied colour.

It’s another of my ‘Scrap n Stash’ quilts, so you could make the whole thing from fabrics you have to hand if you so wanted…….

To sign up all you have to do is go to my shop and purchase the first part of this mystery Garden Blooms  BOM (and 2nd if you want, but that can be done further along the make)  The price of this BOM includes postage within the UK only, anyone wanting to take part further afield will need to contact me for a price.  You will receive a full sized pattern for each block, a written ‘how to’ with colour photos where needed to add clarity for making. Each block is a design in itself, so could be used for panels with bags, cushions, wall-hangings, whatever you fancy!

There is a support group set-up on Facebook for you to share your makes and queries in private, we have to keep the Mystery until its finished, there really is nothing quite so much fun as a quilt unveil!  This one should be just in time to go public at this years Festival of Quilts, you’ll find it hanging on the Kaleidoscope Books stand!   The quilt is away from me at the moment as another UKQU member is busy long-arming it for me, Sarah Wickett of Ambleside Quilting…….

Happy New Quilt Everybody!!

Abbie xxx


Great Northern Quilt Show… Harrogate Here I Come!

Loading the van and getting ready for the journey Up North for the Great Northern Quilt Show. I will be running a couple of 1 hour workshops (see Grovenors Show information Workshops 3). 11.30am – A5 Calico book cover and 2.00pm – Traditional Hand Quilted Piece/Mat Come and join me or just stop by and say hello 🙂  

Double Snuggle – How to…. BLOCK 2

Designed by Abbie Searle

Finished size = 9” x 15”

Click Here To Download This Page

*Please read through all of the instructions before you start whether you are going to make this quilt by hand or machine or a mix, you may pick up hints and tips throughout that can be used…

This block is a slight variation on the traditional ‘log cabin’ block, instead of using a uniform width for all of the pieces, I have alternated between 1” and 2” finished width.

I have kept the traditional colour scheme, a red centre (recognised by many as the hearth of the home…… or possibly, the cabin is the red centre, with the forest one side (the dark side) and the cultivated land the other (the light side).

The red is my centre, then I’ve used 4 other fabrics, 2 dark (A & C) and 2 light (B&D), we will use a dark and a light on each side of the block.  These then alternate on each side of the block as we work around the centre joining each piece, as the photo above.

Please choose your fabrics!

Give them names or identifying marks so that you can identify them on the plan as we work, I call them fabrics A,B,C, D and centre.

By machine & rotary cutter/scissors – remember, the seam allowance is included in the cut size.

Also remember, if you are used to using a rotary cutter/mat/ruler, then all well and good.  If not, please find someone to show you, *remembering at all times to cut away from yourself, never across or towards yourself and always put the blade away before putting it down anywhere, even if it’s only for a few seconds, it should soon become a good habit for you! 

Or you could just use a pair of scissors, but remember whatever your style, accuracy is always majorly important from the very first measurement and cut…..

Please refer to the how-to on block 1 for how to cut & machine  your pieces together.

Piece sizes listed here include your seam allowances for cutting with a rotary cutter and sewing by machine with a ¼” foot:

1 = 2.5” x 1.5”  (centre/red)

2 = 2.5” x 1.5” (fabric A)

3 = 2.5” x 2.5” (fabric B)

4 = 4.5” x 1.5” (fabric C)

5 = 2.5” x 3.5” (fabric D)

6 = 6.5” x 1.5” (fabric B)

7 = 4.5” x 2.5” (fabric A)

8 = 8.5” x 1.5” (fabric D)

9 = 2.5” x 5.5” (fabric C)

10 = 10.5” x 1.5” (fabric A)

11 = 6.5” x 2.5” (fabric B)

12 = 12.5” x 1.5” (fabric C)

13 = 7.5” x 2.5” (fabric D)

14 = 14.5” x 1.5” (fabric B)

15 = 8.5” x 1” (fabric C)

16 = 15” x 1.5” (fabric D)

17 = 9.5” x 1” (fabric C)

Joining order……   we always add the strips working in the same direction, clockwise on this occasion, be careful not to start joining strips anti-clockwise halfway through!

Join 1 > 2 on the long edge

Join 3 to the left side of (1&2)

Join 4 to the top of (3&1)

Join 5 to the right of (4,1&2)

Join 6 to the bottom of (3,2&5)

Join 7 to the left of (4,3&6)

Join 8 to the top of (7,4&5)

Join 9 to the right of (8,5&6)

Join 10 to the bottom of (7,6&9)

Join 11 to the left of (8,7&10)

Join 12 to the top of (11,8&9)

Join 13 to the right of (12,9&10)

Join 14 to the bottom of (11,10&13)

Join 15 to the left of (12,11&14)

Join 16 to the top of (15,12&13)

Join 17 to the right of 16,13&14)

By Traditional Hand Piecing –

You will need to mark your sewing lines on the back of all of the pieces and cut with the added seam allowances as we did for block 1.

Follow these measurements and add your ¼” seam allowance all around each piece:

1 = 2”x1”

2= 2”x1”

3 = 2”x2”

4 = 4”x1”

5 = 2”x3”

6 = 6”x1”

7 = 4”x2”

8 = 8”x1”

9 = 2”x5”

10 = 10”x1”

11 = 6”x2”

12 = 12”x1”

13 = 7”x2”

14 = 14”x1”

15 = 8”x0.5”

16 = 14.5”x1”

17 = 9”x0.5”

*remember, make sure you mark your corners carefully and clearly.

Joining – you now join each piece together in the same order as above for the machinists.

As before, use a small running stitch, make sure you stay on the sewing lines of both pieces of fabric!  Accuracy is everything!  Finger press, or press your work as you go if you find this helps.

You should hopefully have enough information to complete your second block.

If you have any queries, please ask!!  The Facebook help group is set up for just that, you may find you all help each other before I’ve even picked up the post/message!  Or you can email me on .

Enjoy!!  Abbie xxx

AbbieAnne’s patterns are for your personal use only and are intended to inspire your creativity but may not be directly copied, sold, reproduced or taught for commercial gain. Copyright©2019


New BOM Double Snuggle!! A lap quilt for 2…

©’Double Snuggle’ 05/19

Overview & requirements

Click Here To Download This Page

by Abbie Searle

to this free BOM (block of the month) which I’ve designed for the UKQU website.

been fortunate to have been able to use the new Riley Blake range of fabric
called ‘Gem Stones’. 

The colouring within this range is just fabulous!!  With just 6 x 1/2m pieces I’ve been able to achieve a look that would normally take a much larger range of fabric.  The design is what I believe they call ‘Ombre’, in that it gradually changes colour from one end of the fabric to the other.   You’ll be able to see this quite clearly in a couple of the blocks.

used 1m Penny Roses’s ’Charlotte’ for the binding and 2.25m of the
wonderfully bright P&B’s Flora Fantasia for the backing,just
because I could!

also added 1.5m of a plain beige for the sashings and the border, 1/2m of
Bondaweb for the appliqué and several Gutermann threads.

design will also suit what I call my ‘Scrap & Stash’ designs, in that you
can use up some of the lovelies you’ve had stashed away for a rainy day…… or in
this case a sunny day!!

I can just see this quilt being used on a summers evening out in the garden, on a       balcony or in the conservatory, with a glass or two to hand……  or on a winters evening in front of the telly or fire while having a snuggle!

whole design is purposefully viewed as ‘landscape’ as it goes across the lap as
opposed to the generally used ‘portrait’ or upright view of a quilt.  It might look a bit odd having a lamppost
sideways on!

used a bit of a coastal theme, very loosely, no real surprise as I live near
the Cornish coast.  The more pictorial
block designs are taken from photos or items of mine, I adore shells, hence the
conch shell, which is a bit of a family thing…….

the block designs will appeal to and suit all capabilities.  We’ll start with the easier ones and work our
way through the different techniques.
There will be at least one block with an easier option if you really
think you’re not up for the original design, but I would hope everyone will
have a go at everything.  After all we
all live and learn, that very much includes me!

Yes, I
have mixed hand and machine work within the blocks, for practical    reasons that will be explained as we
go.  You can complete yours either by
hand or machine, or mixed, I for one will not criticise so long as you like
what you    produce.  Those that know me know I mix and match,
encourage design         developments but
most importantly wish you to learn and at the very least    enjoy your creativity.

couple of things to bear in mind as we go…..

Accuracy is everything!  From the first template or rotary cut,
through to the last stitches in the binding & label.

-We all
work (and teach) in different ways, this is perfectly normal.

are no right or wrongs, but there are happy outcomes and lessons learned.

-do as
I say not as I do!!  The quilts that I
make and present to you as patterns are made by me as samples.  They often differ slightly from the finished
pattern because I’ve learned something or found an easier method for you whilst
making.  My aim always, is that yours
will look far better than mine.

encourage question asking.  If you need
help or support please message me your query, preferably with a photo, the
easiest way will be via the support group that has been set up on Facebook,
linked to my page:

Double Snuggle Lap Quilt BOM 2019’ and request to join.

My page
is ‘Abbieanne Patchwork Quilting & Textiles’, feel free to like and
follow all the things happening when I’m out and about teaching and creating.

You can
also contact me via my website  or email me on

get back to any queries as quickly as I can, but please be aware I might be
teaching or busy at a show.

will be instructions over 7 months of 2 blocks per month (the last month will
have the construction details and the last block).

than anything, I want you to enjoy creating as much as I do.

As we
work through the blocks, save any scraps, they’ll be very jolly when it comes
to the crazy patchwork block!

you for coming to play! I hope you enjoy!!


AbbieAnne’s patterns are for your personal use only and are intended to inspire your creativity but may not be directly copied, sold, reproduced or taught
for commercial gain.  Copyright©2019

Deco Days Mystery Quilt…..sign up is now available!!

Selection of images featuring materials

This mystery quilt has been made with light weight denims, chambrays and a few jolly patchwork cottons. It could be made as one of my scrap & stash quilts or choose your own base colour with add ons.

It’s 54″x67″ finished with sashings (with a difference) without borders, which quite obviously you could add if you fancied it. Mostly piecing & appliqué.

There are 20 blocks 11″x11″ finished, designs inspired by the ‘Deco Art’ era…. well they’ve been Abbie’d a bit, but that’s where the inspiration came from!!

You’ll get 2 blocks per month, full sized paper patterns with instruction.

Sign up for the first 5 months is now available via my UKQU website shop, price includes the monthly p&p. (or for those of you local to me, via the Cupboard, please message me)

(Facebook support group is up and running ready and waiting for you!)