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Attention lovely Peoples –   Road Trip 2020!!!
Some lovely comments from you all recently has left me thinking….. next year I’m planning a couple of round robin trips, ‘Therapy on The Road’. … Up the right hand side of the country, on up across Scotland and back down the other side. If anyone wants me to stop off and teach or give talks on the way please message me. The more I do the cheaper my expenses for everyone. (yeah, I’m a hussy!! 😂😂😂) There’s also one trip to Southern Ireland in the offing, if anyone wants me in Ireland, again, please contact me and I’ll see can I share the Cupboard Love! Socials & cuppas will be fitted in as well if anyone’s up for it?

Another successful retreat in Kent!!

What a wonderful venue for last weekends retreat, fabulous surroundings at Aylesford Friary in Kent.

We had a full house and delegates undertook two projects over the weekend. What a fabulous selection of work, lots of lovely creatings 🙂

Check out my Blog to see more about the weekend.

My Art Exhibition – ‘Stuff N Nonsense’ 26th – 29th September

Me and John Laver will be holding our Annual Art Exhibition again this year at Rock Institute, Wadebridge, Cornwall between 26th – 29th September.

John’s well known for seascapes, landscapes and the most amazing bird paintings & drawings. At our own exhibition he lets himself play, so you’ll find all manner of loveliness not usually seen or readily available from him, a yearly treat for all!

I’m better known for fabric and textile art, but this once a year show enables people to see and purchase my more private creativity. Paint, pencil, acrylic, oil, fabric, stitch and a 30year old painted flowery door!! ……

Come say hello, we’d love to see you! 😁👍🏻  

Calling all South West Quilters!!!

(If you’re in the south west and not yet a member, please do consider joining us!!)   A reminder that the paperwork for next years quilt entries for the Exeter Quilt Show should be submitted by 15th October, it’s fast approaching!   If you need another copy of the form or any help completing, or any help with your design or construction please give me a shout!! (it doesn’t have to be made by 15th Oct, just the intent!)   S W Quilters applicationform

Great Northern Quilt Show… Harrogate Here I Come!

Loading the van and getting ready for the journey Up North for the Great Northern Quilt Show. I will be running a couple of 1 hour workshops (see Grovenors Show information Workshops 3). 11.30am – A5 Calico book cover and 2.00pm – Traditional Hand Quilted Piece/Mat Come and join me or just stop by and say hello 🙂  

New Pattern……. SUNRISE!!


After spending yesterday in the ‘Therapy Cupboard’ colouring and stitcherizing 🙂 this is the result. A new full sized colour pattern with full colour instructions!! (24″ x 51″ finished)

I hope you like it?

Message me if you would like to purchase the pattern, £10 +p&p.

My new website shop will be up and running on Sunday and will be available on there too.

Picture of new Quilt pattern


Double Snuggle – How to…. BLOCK 2

Designed by Abbie Searle

Finished size = 9” x 15”

Click Here To Download This Page

*Please read through all of the instructions before you start whether you are going to make this quilt by hand or machine or a mix, you may pick up hints and tips throughout that can be used…

This block is a slight variation on the traditional ‘log cabin’ block, instead of using a uniform width for all of the pieces, I have alternated between 1” and 2” finished width.

I have kept the traditional colour scheme, a red centre (recognised by many as the hearth of the home…… or possibly, the cabin is the red centre, with the forest one side (the dark side) and the cultivated land the other (the light side).

The red is my centre, then I’ve used 4 other fabrics, 2 dark (A & C) and 2 light (B&D), we will use a dark and a light on each side of the block.  These then alternate on each side of the block as we work around the centre joining each piece, as the photo above.

Please choose your fabrics!

Give them names or identifying marks so that you can identify them on the plan as we work, I call them fabrics A,B,C, D and centre.

By machine & rotary cutter/scissors – remember, the seam allowance is included in the cut size.

Also remember, if you are used to using a rotary cutter/mat/ruler, then all well and good.  If not, please find someone to show you, *remembering at all times to cut away from yourself, never across or towards yourself and always put the blade away before putting it down anywhere, even if it’s only for a few seconds, it should soon become a good habit for you! 

Or you could just use a pair of scissors, but remember whatever your style, accuracy is always majorly important from the very first measurement and cut…..

Please refer to the how-to on block 1 for how to cut & machine  your pieces together.

Piece sizes listed here include your seam allowances for cutting with a rotary cutter and sewing by machine with a ¼” foot:

1 = 2.5” x 1.5”  (centre/red)

2 = 2.5” x 1.5” (fabric A)

3 = 2.5” x 2.5” (fabric B)

4 = 4.5” x 1.5” (fabric C)

5 = 2.5” x 3.5” (fabric D)

6 = 6.5” x 1.5” (fabric B)

7 = 4.5” x 2.5” (fabric A)

8 = 8.5” x 1.5” (fabric D)

9 = 2.5” x 5.5” (fabric C)

10 = 10.5” x 1.5” (fabric A)

11 = 6.5” x 2.5” (fabric B)

12 = 12.5” x 1.5” (fabric C)

13 = 7.5” x 2.5” (fabric D)

14 = 14.5” x 1.5” (fabric B)

15 = 8.5” x 1” (fabric C)

16 = 15” x 1.5” (fabric D)

17 = 9.5” x 1” (fabric C)

Joining order……   we always add the strips working in the same direction, clockwise on this occasion, be careful not to start joining strips anti-clockwise halfway through!

Join 1 > 2 on the long edge

Join 3 to the left side of (1&2)

Join 4 to the top of (3&1)

Join 5 to the right of (4,1&2)

Join 6 to the bottom of (3,2&5)

Join 7 to the left of (4,3&6)

Join 8 to the top of (7,4&5)

Join 9 to the right of (8,5&6)

Join 10 to the bottom of (7,6&9)

Join 11 to the left of (8,7&10)

Join 12 to the top of (11,8&9)

Join 13 to the right of (12,9&10)

Join 14 to the bottom of (11,10&13)

Join 15 to the left of (12,11&14)

Join 16 to the top of (15,12&13)

Join 17 to the right of 16,13&14)

By Traditional Hand Piecing –

You will need to mark your sewing lines on the back of all of the pieces and cut with the added seam allowances as we did for block 1.

Follow these measurements and add your ¼” seam allowance all around each piece:

1 = 2”x1”

2= 2”x1”

3 = 2”x2”

4 = 4”x1”

5 = 2”x3”

6 = 6”x1”

7 = 4”x2”

8 = 8”x1”

9 = 2”x5”

10 = 10”x1”

11 = 6”x2”

12 = 12”x1”

13 = 7”x2”

14 = 14”x1”

15 = 8”x0.5”

16 = 14.5”x1”

17 = 9”x0.5”

*remember, make sure you mark your corners carefully and clearly.

Joining – you now join each piece together in the same order as above for the machinists.

As before, use a small running stitch, make sure you stay on the sewing lines of both pieces of fabric!  Accuracy is everything!  Finger press, or press your work as you go if you find this helps.

You should hopefully have enough information to complete your second block.

If you have any queries, please ask!!  The Facebook help group is set up for just that, you may find you all help each other before I’ve even picked up the post/message!  Or you can email me on abbie@abbieanne.com .

Enjoy!!  Abbie xxx

AbbieAnne’s patterns are for your personal use only and are intended to inspire your creativity but may not be directly copied, sold, reproduced or taught for commercial gain. Copyright©2019 AbbieAnne.com.


‘Pile & Plunder a form of machine reverse appliqué’ book – revised edition

I know there are some of you out there that have been waiting for this…… the return of my book….‘Pile & Plunder a form of machine reverse appliqué’.” with all its quirky-ness!

Due to the fact that it’s full of colour, costs have prohibited a reprint in its original form. So I have revised it for 2019 as 2 soft cover booklets, still totally full of colour!! 😁👍🏻

I’ve split it into 2, the first 48 page colour booklet is the how to, what, where, why. The second 24 page colour booklet is full of patterns and examples.

It does mean you can now buy just the patterns with a brief how to separately if you should so wish.

Signed copies of the full works are now available here……

Photo of front cover of book

Rubies & Cream Mystery Quilt completed

The original sample of R&C (Rubies & Cream) is on its first public outing!!! (Spalding Quilt Show).

It’s been custom long-armed by Sarah at Ambleside Quilting, a nerve wracking first for me, I’ve never had anyone else quilt for me, have to say it’s very jolly!!!

It’ll be on display on the Kaleidoscope Book stand at Festival of Quilts…….
(Patterns available via UKQU and a book of patterns will be available shortly)

Photo of Quilt called Rubies and Cream