‘Pile & Plunder a form of machine reverse appliqué’ book – revised edition

I know there are some of you out there that have been waiting for this…… the return of my book….‘Pile & Plunder a form of machine reverse appliqué’.” with all its quirky-ness!

Due to the fact that it’s full of colour, costs have prohibited a reprint in its original form. So I have revised it for 2019 as 2 soft cover booklets, still totally full of colour!! 😁👍🏻

I’ve split it into 2, the first 48 page colour booklet is the how to, what, where, why. The second 24 page colour booklet is full of patterns and examples.

It does mean you can now buy just the patterns with a brief how to separately if you should so wish.

Signed copies of the full works are now available here……

Photo of front cover of book

Rubies & Cream Mystery Quilt completed

The original sample of R&C (Rubies & Cream) is on its first public outing!!! (Spalding Quilt Show).

It’s been custom long-armed by Sarah at Ambleside Quilting, a nerve wracking first for me, I’ve never had anyone else quilt for me, have to say it’s very jolly!!!

It’ll be on display on the Kaleidoscope Book stand at Festival of Quilts…….
(Patterns available via UKQU and a book of patterns will be available shortly)

Photo of Quilt called Rubies and Cream