I love to travel  to meet creative people wanting to try something different in their own familiar surroundings, so

Workshops can be tailored to suit you!

I am happy to create ideas for you, or base on yours!!!

As long as there is sufficient work space for each individual.

 I can easily access each student to help and advise throughout the workshop day/days.

Overall costs are based on each  individual workshop, so

Contact me , we can chat to give you a better idea, and maybe set something up.

Unfortunately I do have to charge travel expenses; mileage at 45p a mile due to my location,

there’s no other way to do it, but will always look to keeping expenses down if I can,

overnights being booked as cheaply as possible.

If I’m in your area already expenses can be shared,

Please contact me to book your place and obtain further details, including requirements list here.

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